Jemena has established an Expert Panel to work with the Board to lead the modelling and scenario development around the future of gas and what it means for Jemena as a whole. 

The Gas Networks 2050 Expert Panel was established enable Jemena to collaborate with leaders and experts from the energy sector to inform and help shape Jemena’s future role and direction.

The members will use their deep technical expertise and knowledge of the complex energy market to produce ‘plausible scenarios’ for the NSW energy system out to 2050.

You can read the Expert Panel report here.

Who's on the Expert Panel?

Andrew Lewis, Acting Deputy Secretary, NSW Treasury - Office of Energy and Climate Change

Representing government as a policy maker, program developer and regulator

Andrew has almost 20 years’ experience working in and around energy in a variety of roles, and brings perspectives from his time at government agencies, ministerial offices, an energy peak body and energy market participants. Andrew has held senior executive positions with a strong focus on developing and implementing strategies and programs for energy market reforms, policy and regulatory analysis and development, consumer protection and support, stakeholder engagement and technical regulation.

Brian Spak, Director, Energy System Transition, Energy Consumers Australia

Representing Residential and small-business energy consumers, who are Energy Consumers Australia's constituency.

Brian is leading the transition to a clean, reliable, safe, abundant, and affordable energy system by advocating for market, regulatory, and policy changes on behalf of Australia's households and small-businesses. Formerly led grid and renewable energy integration research at CSIRO, Australia's national science agency, a utility insider at Portland General Electric (the greenest investor-owned utility in the US) and clean energy lobbyist and corporate sustainability pro at Green Strategies.

Dr Patrick Hartley, Leader of CSIRO Hydrogen Industry Mission, CSIRO

Dr. Hartley is responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of a major new national research initiative which was launched in May 2021, focused on delivering research, development and demonstrations which enable the scaleup of Australia’s domestic and export hydrogen industries. In 2018, he established CSIRO’s Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform. This major initiative focusses on addressing research challenges which underpin the development of hydrogen energy value chains in Australia.

Matthew Clemow, Group Manager Markets and System Operations, Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

Representing Gas Market and System Operator and Gas Demand Forecasting.

Matthew has been at AEMO for nine years. During this time, he has been responsible for the operation of the Victorian Gas Transmission System, the AEMO wholesale gas markets including Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market and the Short Term Trading Markets, the Gas Supply Hub, the Gas Bulletin, the Gas Supply Guarantee process for monitoring gas supplies for power generation in the National Electricity Market, and the publication of the Victorian Gas Planning Report.

Matthew Warren, Director, Boardroom Energy

Representing himself as a customer

Former Chief Executive of the Australian Energy Council, Matthew has a track record of 25 years working inside Australia’s energy and environmental policy debates. He is author of the Walkley nominated book Blackout – How is Australia running out of energy?. A professional journalist and economist, he is a regular contributor on energy policy and climate change for the Australian Financial Review and was the environment writer for The Australian. He’s currently Principal of Boardroom Energy and Director of ENPEC Pty Ltd.

Shahana McKenzie, Chief Executive Officer, Bioenergy Australia

Representing Bioenergy Australia

Shahana has a strong track record of driving public, government and consumer campaigns for the non-profit sector over the last 20 years. She is committed to driving growth in the Bioenergy sector and advocating for it as a key renewable energy solution for the future. Since joining, Shahana has led the renewal of the organisation and leading Bioenergy Australia’s contribution on matters such as climate science, jobs creation, regional development, and energy supply, to ensure national benefits for the next decade and beyond.

Shaun Reardon, Executive General Manager, Jemena Networks

Shaun is responsible for the oversight of Jemena’s Gas and Electricity Distribution Businesses. This includes responsibility for strategy, commercial, regulation, customer services, asset management, and network operations. Shaun has over 25 years’ experience in the energy industry, having held management positions in marketing, regulatory, management, strategy and commercial. Shaun holds a Masters of Marketing and a PhD in mechanical engineering and is a Graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Expert Panellists are remunerated for their time in line with industry standards sitting fees such as AusGrid and Jemena's Customer Charter at around $250 p/h.

Session schedule

Friday 14 October 2022 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Expert Panel Session 1

Friday 21 October 2022 01:00 pm to 04:00 pm

Expert Panel Session 2

Friday 11 November 2022 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm

Expert Panel Session 3